Central NSW Joint Organisation Project

Learning Sharing Embedding:

Building knowledge and improving practice in disaster risk reduction in Central NSW – a systemic approach.

This strategic program is tailored to assist councils in enhancing regional resilience. It encompasses comprehensive need analyses, innovative simulation technology piloted through Local Emergency Management Committee (LEMC) workshops, collaboration with state agencies to tackle transportation challenges, utilisation of spatial data to identify gaps and opportunities, and the integration of disaster risk reduction into councils’ Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) processes.

The overarching goal is to identify and address vulnerabilities across built, social, natural, and economic domains. At the core of this program is the promotion of evidence-based decision-making and community-driven disaster risk reduction efforts at both local and regional levels. Additionally, the program supports the establishment of networks and advocates for a systemic approach to disaster preparedness, promoting consistency, efficiency, and the exchange of best practices among stakeholders.

Through improved information-sharing and coordination, the project aims to equip councils with the necessary tools and insights to strengthen their preparedness and response capabilities in anticipation of potential challenges.