Clean Energy Central Program

This program recognises that every Council is at a different stage of the journey to net zero emissions and seeks to accelerate outcomes both at the local level and then achieving value for members and their communities through regional action. The program has been co-designed with Department of Planning and Environment (DPE).

Member councils have worked with a variety of consultants throughout 2021 to develop strategies and plans ranging from Renewable Energy Action Plans, Solar and Storage Assessments, Emissions Reduction Plans, Aquatic Centre Efficiency Audits, and Smart Metering and Switching. The focus in 2022 is to use these plans and implement the actions from them.

DPE is also supporting the JO to procure renewable energy for member councils through a Power Purchase Agreement which is currently underway.

Please see an example of the great work being done in this region as explained by Cr Medcalf, Mayor of Lachlan.