Data Scoping Study

Data gaps and opportunities identified for disaster risk reduction.

This project is across three JOs (26 LGAs) and will support the work of the Disaster Risk Data Hub (DRDH) – page 12 and local implementation.

To support the NSW Reconstruction Authority’s work in progressing the Disaster Risk Reduction Framework priorities, Astrolabe Group is working with Central NSW, Illawarra Shoalhaven and Hunter Joint Organisations to engage with Councils as part of a Data Scoping Study.

The scoping study is aimed at understanding Council’s needs, skills and gaps in relation to climate and disaster spatial data. Recommendations from this study will be used to improve access to comprehensive and current data for land use planning, community preparedness activities, and disaster planning, response, and recovery both at the local and state level.

Local government will use this study to implement solutions while state government develop a ‘one source of truth’ data platform via the Disaster Risk Data Hub (DRDH).