Disaster Risk Data Hub (DRDH)

A ‘one source of truth’ data platform being developed by NSWRA and administered by Spatial Services for local and state government to use in disaster preparedness and response – may take years to be developed.

The Disaster Risk Data Hub (DRDH) initiative aims to establish a comprehensive platform, a ‘one source of truth’, for spatial data. This platform is being developed by the NSW Reconstruction Authority in collaboration with Spatial Services, with the intention of providing local and state government entities with essential resources for disaster preparedness and response efforts.

To facilitate the development of this platform, a Data Scoping study is being conducted. This study is being undertaken in partnership with three Joint Organisations (JOs), covering a total of 26 Local Government Areas (LGAs). The study employs a bottom-up approach to identify gaps and opportunities pertaining to spatial data within local government settings. The insights gained from this study will inform the development of the Disaster Risk Data Hub platform, ensuring its relevance and effectiveness in addressing the specific needs of local communities and government entities.