Inter-Council Cooperation


Standing on the shoulders of intercouncil cooperation by Centroc members, CNSWJO continues to deliver value to member Councils and through them to the communities of Central NSW.  This is the heart of all programming of the Joint Organisation. 

CNSWJO reports value to its members every quarter in each CNSWJO Board Agenda in terms of: 

  • Submissions 
  • Plans strategies and other collateral that members can leverage 
  • Activities that supported members in their compliance with various pieces of legislation, typically training 
  • Cost savings via contracts 
  • Savings in grants for members 
  • Data opportunities for members to support evidence based grant submissions and other work 
  • Value of the visitor economy Public Relations Campaign and media releases and various social media metrics 


Ably led by General Managers’ Advisory Committee, value is delivered primarily by the various operational teams across the region including the CNSWJO. 

These include:

  • Water Utilities’ Alliance 
  • Roads and Transport Committee 
  • Tourism Group 
  • Planners’ Group 
  • Human Resources Managers Group 
  • WHS/Risk Management Group 
  • Training, Learning and Development Group 
  • Energy Group 
  • IT