IP&R Framework

Disaster risk reduction incorporated into councils IP&R processes.

This project supports the sharing of information across eight JOs (65 LGAs) for a consistent and systemic approach to embedding disaster risk reduction into councils integrated planning and reporting (IP&R) processes).

A framework developed for Central NSW Councils in considering disaster risk reduction (DRR) into integrated planning and reporting (IP&R) processes, including tools and templates to support this.

Embedding disaster risk reduction in IP&R ensures that it is considered in the context of councils’ other priorities and given the level of commitment and resourcing appropriate for the LGA. The IP&R framework requires councils to report on the progress of the strategies, actions and activities outlined in the documents to the community. It promotes thorough planning and a proactive approach, which is ultimately more cost effective than ad-hoc or reactive efforts. When councils and their communities highlight disaster risk reduction as a priority through their IP&R documents, it can also attract opportunities for collaboration and external resourcing and funding.

The framework seeks to support councils by providing a streamlined approach and user-friendly tools and templates that councils may use to embed disaster risk reduction in IP&R, reducing the time and effort needed from each council by leveraging resources and avoiding duplication. It promotes a regionally consistent approach.

Actions identified in the needs analysis work is included in councils IP&R delivery, operational, resource and financial plans.