Our communities want Central NSW to be a vibrant, growing and welcoming place.  The voices of this region need to be heard, investment in the region needs to be optimised and decision making needs to be more localised.

Standing on the shoulders of the work and reputation of Centroc, as part of its role as a Joint Organisation, Central NSW Joint Organisation will work more collaboratively with relevant State, Federal and other agencies to improve regional development outcomes.

Advocacy for Central NSW Joint Organisation is informed by the following principles:

  • Be effective and efficient and share costs with other stakeholders where possible;
  • As a general rule, have elected officials meet with elected officials;
  • Where senior bureaucrats, Ministers or Ministerial advisors are in the region at the Board’s request State and Federal representatives will be notified;
  • Political stakeholders including the opposition and the media should receive a “Chair’s report” modelled on the Mayor’s report subsequent to Board meetings;
  • Include a portfolio approach for the Board’s priorities to enable sharing of the workload and to increase our advocacy capacity;
  • Be reflective of opportunities as offered by the electoral cycle;
  • Recognise the usefulness of intergovernmental collaboration but have primacy over the other functions; and
  • Ensure messages are consistent.