Needs Analysis

Understanding natural hazards and vulnerabilities of Central NSW.

Need to implement 2 regional opportunities from this;

  1. Disaster Dashboards
  2. Data Sharing Agreements with Spatial Services

This project is across seven JOs (61 LGAs)

  1. Each LGA receives a needs analysis
    Identifies specific actions to improve disaster risk reduction. These actions can integrate into the IP&R processes of councils.
  2. A Regional Opportunities initiative
    As part of this project, CNSWJO is required to implement two regional opportunities from this report. The preliminary report has highlighted several potential avenues, and among them, the following options seem viable for implementation within our project timeline:
    1. Disaster Dashboards – It is proposed to procure licenses for the region using this funding for a span of 3 years. This will establish a communication hub for disaster-related data and information dissemination to the community, thereby mitigating disaster risks (a hub integrating external links and other data such as Live Traffic). Presently, no councils possess a disaster hub, and although this solution is not flawless, it presents a better alternative to the current gap experienced by councils.
    2. Update/Revise Data Sharing Agreements with Spatial Services – Facilitating data sharing among the State Emergency Services, councils, and inter-council exchanges (enhancing knowledge of neighbouring Local Government Areas during disasters).
    3. Expand ESSIL licenses – Enhance the scope of ESSIL licenses to encompass planning and preparedness roles for disasters in addition to their current availability for response.
  3. A JO Opportunities report
    Identifies specific actions to improve disaster risk reduction systematically across a wide spectrum of councils in NSW.

‚ÄčIf you would like a copy of the LGA, Regional, or JO needs analysis, please email Central NSW Joint Organisation at