• Piloting new technology for community engagement to be aware of their hazards.
  • A tool that can be used for strategic planning.

The Hunter Joint Organisation (JO) is collaborating with Central NSW JO to pilot simulation technology within a localised setting, aligning with ongoing Local Emergency Management Committee (LEMC) meetings. The primary objective is for Hunter JO to facilitate these sessions, aiding Central NSW councils in understanding the practical applications of this technology across the region.

This technology aims to enhance community awareness of natural hazard risks, acknowledging that communities may not always have immediate access to emergency services during disasters. Both councils and emergency response agencies can utilise the simulation technology, such as Simtable, for strategic planning purposes. This includes overlaying risks with climate modeling for Development Approval (DA) processes and other planning initiatives.

Following the pilot implementation, an evaluation report will be generated to assess the effectiveness and utility of the technology. This report will serve to inform the region about the benefits of the technology, potentially leading to securing future funding for its continuation or exploring alternative technology options.