Spatial Services

Should be the ‘one source of truth’ for natural hazard data.

The needs analysis has outlined regional opportunities to mitigate disaster risk. As part of the Disaster Risk Reduction Fund (DRRF) funding, CNSWJO is mandated to implement at least two regional opportunities outlined in the regional opportunities report:

  1. Disaster Dashboards: It is proposed that CNSWJO secure licenses for the region over a span of three years, funded under DRRF. These licenses will enable the development of a community engagement tool aimed at reducing disaster risk.
  2. Data Sharing Agreements with Spatial Services: Facilitate data sharing between State Emergency Services and councils, as well as inter-council data sharing. This initiative aims to enhance knowledge sharing among neighbouring Local Government Areas (LGAs) during disasters.

In July 2023, the Joint Organisation Board accepted a recommendation for councils to explore new data sharing agreements. Subsequently, at the February 2024 Board meeting, it was recommended that councils nominate key staff to participate in this initiative. As of April 2024, CNSWJO is aware that three councils have taken action on this recommendation, and efforts are underway to reach out to the remaining councils to ascertain their stance on this matter.

By entering into or revising data sharing agreements with Spatial Services, councils support data sharing among State Emergency Services and neighboring councils. This collaborative approach enhances Spatial Services’ role as the ‘one source of truth’ and provides vital information essential for disaster preparedness and response efforts.