State Disaster Mitigation Plan

The SDMP includes actions to improve how we manage the risk of natural hazards.

‚ÄčThe State Disaster Mitigation Plan was released in February 2024 and includes actions to improve how we manage the risk of natural hazards.

The Plan:

  • Identifies areas across NSW at a higher risk both now and in the future.
  • Sets out options to help reduce our exposure or vulnerability to natural hazards, including community awareness and preparedness, plus infrastructure to help mitigate natural hazards.
  • Sets out 37 short to medium term actions for delivery across government to address existing policy and program gaps
  • Supports the development of local disaster adaptation planning.

In line with these objectives, the integration of disaster risk reduction into councils’ Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) processes is crucial. By incorporating actions identified from the needs analysis, councils can align with the upcoming Disaster Adaptation Plan Guidelines for preparing Local Disaster Adaptation Plans (DAPs). In anticipation of potential mandates for DAP development by the NSW Reconstruction Authority in the future, councils need to be prepared.

As part of these efforts, CNSWJO has submitted an application for the Disaster Ready Fund Round 2. The proposal involves creating a template DAP based on the forthcoming DAP Guidelines, aiming to assist councils in the preparation of their respective plans. This proactive approach ensures that councils are well-equipped to meet future mandates and effectively manage disaster risks within their jurisdictions.