Functions of Joint Organisations

The Local Government Act 1993 identifies the three principal functions of Joint Organisations as follows:

  1. A joint organisation has the following principal functions:
    • To establish strategic regional priorities for the joint organisation area and to establish strategies and plans for delivering those strategic regional priorities
    • To provide regional leadership for the joint organisation area and to be an advocate for strategic regional priorities
    • To identify and take up opportunities for inter-governmental co-operation on matters relating to the joint organisation area.
  2. In establishing strategic regional priorities for the joint organisation area, a joint organisation area, a joint organisation is to consider any relevant strategic priorities or plans of member councils and the State government.
  3. A strategic regional priority, or plan or strategy for delivering a strategic regional priority, established by a joint organisation does not limit the operation of or otherwise affect any regional plan or strategy given effect to under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (including any regional plan made under Part 3B of that Act).

Central NSW JO has identified 4 strategic regional priority areas to deliver the 3 functional principles:

  • Inter-council co-operation
  • Regional prosperity
  • Regional transport and infrastructure
  • Regional water



Our priorities align with the following:

  • Community Strategic Plans of member councils
  • NSW Government 20 Year Regional Economic Vision
  • NSW Government Regional Economic Development Strategies
  • Regional Plan:  NSW Government Central West and Orana Plan
  • State Infrastructure Plan:  Building Momentum 2018-28
  • Other regional plans as they are developed in Water & Transport