Our priorities align with the following:

  • Community Strategic Plans and Local Strategic Planning Statements of member councils
  • NSW Government 20 Year Regional Economic Vision  and NSW Government Regional Economic Development Strategies
  • Regional Plan:  NSW Government Central West and Orana Plan 2041
  • Central West and Orana Regional Transport Plan
  • The Regional Water Strategies for the Lachlan and Macquarie
  • The Central West Destination Management Plan
  • The Central West Food and Fibre Strategy


Central NSW JO has identified 7 key strategic initiatives to deliver the 3 principle functions:

  • Leveraging our successful collaboration
  • Regional prosperity through better infrastructure and services
  • Advocate for better infrastructure and services in health and ageing
  • Telecommunications
  • Regional Transport Planning and Infrastructure Prioritisation
  • Regional Water Security and Productive Water
  • Transition to a sustainable, secure and affordable energy future


Please see the Statement of Strategic Priorities adopted by the Board on 24 November 2022.

A summary of the region’s Priorities can be found here.

For more detail on strategic alignment please go to the Reports & Policies page on our website.

You’ll find more detail on the region’s priorities and programs we will be putting in place to implement them.