Councils and TfNSW have data gaps in better preparing the local, regional and state road network.

User requirement workshops were conducted across four Joint Organisations, involving five JOs and spanning 40 Local Government Areas (LGAs), aimed at identifying opportunities for enhancing data sharing with Transport for NSW (TfNSW).

TfNSW has proposed granting access to its datasets through their planning platform, Planwisely.

Under this proposed arrangement, Councils would obtain access to a wide array of TfNSW datasets, not currently available, through separate licenses under TfNSW licensing. This access would be facilitated by Planwisely and would be valid for 12 – 24 months. It would provide Councils with valuable data and information to support various needs, including connectivity and alternate route mapping, understanding freight movements, and accessing aerial and satelite imagery that may assist with pre- and post-event condition monitoring, thereby assisting in investment decisions.

TfNSW asserts that this approach simplifies data sharing, allowing Councils to utilise TfNSW data, test and map it, and facilitates further system and tool development through the Disaster Ready Fund Round 2.

Regarding funding, as these licenses are separate from TfNSW, all parties involved would need to engage directly with Planwisely. While TfNSW cannot directly facilitate these arrangements, this approach ensures efficient access to the desired datasets and tools for Councils to enhance their transportation planning and management capabilities.