Access to data and information from TfNSW for councils, and councils for TfNSW, to ensure a more resilient transport network.

This project is across five JOs (40 LGAs) and a partnership with Transport for NSW (TfNSW).

The project will collaborate with TfNSW to conduct an in-depth analysis of transport vulnerabilities, with the aim of developing systems, processes, and tools. These tools will empower both councils and TfNSW to utilise digital twins for critical transport assets, as well as an alternative route mapping and enabling tool.

To enable these objectives, the following enablers have been identified:

  1. Ensure access to important data and information from Transport for NSW (TfNSW) for councils. This will empower councils to enhance the resilience of the transport network by leveraging data insights.
  2. Establish mechanisms that enable councils to effectively share their own data and information with TfNSW. This collaborative approach will support a more holistic understanding of transport network resilience, benefiting from insights at both local and regional levels.
  3. Establish strong partnerships between councils and TfNSW to develop a resilient transport network. This partnership encompasses local, regional, and state roads, promoting collaboration on strategies and initiatives aimed at enhancing resilience across the entire transport network.