Key Stakeholders


The Central West and Orana Regional Leadership Executive (RLE) is the primary place for collaboration between the Central NSW Joint Organisation (CNSWJO) and State agencies in the region. The Chair of the RLE attends all CNSWJO Board meetings and the Executive Officer attends all RLE meetings.

Both the Central West and Orana RLE and CNSWJO have plans to deliver better outcomes for the region. The JO Plan Strategic Plan and the RLE Statement of Intent reported on through the Statement of Outcomes.

To provide support for the more focused activities, the Delivery Coordination and Monitoring Committee (DCMC) implements the Central West and Orana Regional Plan. The Regional Prosperity Subcommittee has a focus on growing the region. Its current focus includes the delivery of the Central West Food and Fibre Strategy and steering a project on Understanding and Supporting the new role of our Central Business Districts.

Providing support to Transport for NSW through the newly formed Central NSW Integrated Transport Group (CNSW ITG) and collaborating in the development of plans for region is a priority like the Draft Central West and Orana Regional Transport Plan. The Central NSW Integrated Transport Group Terms of Reference can be viewed here.

The region has also been very involved in the Lachlan and Macquarie Regional Water Strategies and seeksĀ to work with the NSW Government on ensuring delivery of the infrastructure and other solutions to secure quality water to sustain and grow the communities of Central NSW.

CNSWJO also supports the Central NSW Regional Strategic Transport Group with representation from State and Federal Agencies.

Each of these collaborations has Terms of Reference and the progress on implementation of the various strategies and plans are reported quarterly to the CNSWJO Board. Please find these reports in the agendas here.

CNSWJO also supports a collaboration on tourism, bringing together Destination Network Country and Outback, Arts out West, Central West Regional Development Australia (RDA) and local tourism organisations in the delivery of the Regional Tourism Plan.

A critically important relationship for CNSWJO is its relationship with Central West RDA. Every year these two organisations refresh their Memorandum of Understanding, the only one of its kind in the nation, to ensure they are working as efficiently and effectively as possible on the priorities of the region.

The Central NSW JO is here to help State agencies engage with Council. A useful reference on collaboration endorsed by both the CNSWJO and the Central West and Orana RLE can found here.

CNSWJO also works with the other 12 JOs across regional NSW. Through the Chairs Forum and the Executive Officers network. An example of a collaborative project is Southern Lights.

Our most important collaboration is the one between our member Councils. Our members work on a variety of projects delivering cost savings and other value to our member Councils. Year on year this delivers over $1m in savings as well as grant income. Value to our members and through them to our communities is the heart of everything CNSWJO achieves.