Aggregated Procurement through Central NSW Joint Organisation


The CNSWJO Regional Strategic Plan identifies aggregated procurement for its members as a key strategic area. Through the operational function of the Joint Organisation, aggregated procurement delivers cost savings and other value to member councils.

CNSWJO actively works with its member councils though its well-established regional groups and teams to continually identify opportunities for collaboration on procurement activities. Council staff play a vital role in working with the Joint Organisation to ensure that the aggregated procurement activities are fit for purpose and deliver value to members.
Throughout 2020, CNSWJO is working with other three other Joint Organisations on a project titled the Best Practice in Aggregated Procurement (BPAP) Program. Through the BPAP Program, the participating Joint Organisations will receive:
  • legal advice regarding the JOs’ challenges and opportunities under the Local Government Act, delegations to enable procurement by a JO for and on behalf of its member councils, and instruments for use between the JOs and their member councils to optimise aggregated procurement,
  • a suite of tools including templates and other materials to support and facilitate procurement activities undertaken by the JOs,
  • enabling advice that ensures procurement activities undertaken by the JOs meet the highest standards and comply with legislative requirements, and
  • a pathway to sustainability through procurement and offering a substantive value proposition to the Joint Organisations’ member councils.

A list of the contracts coordinated by CNSWJO (and formerly Centroc) can be found here

Procurement opportunities can be found on CNSWJO’s eProcure website which can be found at