Water Utilities Alliance


Our national award winning Water Utilities’ Alliance aims to achieve 100% Best Practice in secure and quality water supplies and sewerage services to 2059 in the context of climate change. 

Working collaboratively the region is delivering programming that saves member Councils money, grows expertise and shares resources. 

The CNSWJO Board calls on the State and Federal Government to work with Local Government in this region and build on the extensive strategic effort already undertaken to identify and implement infrastructure solutions for water security. This should include the development of more water storage in Central NSW. 


Water Utilities Alliance Project Background 


CNSWJO member Councils are proud to deliver secure quality water supplies and sewerage services to their communities as a good value proposition. Working collaboratively through the CNSWJO Water Utilities’ Alliance they aim to be recognised as national leaders in the delivery of secure and quality water supplies and sewerage services to grow Central NSW to 2059 and beyond. 

The objectives of the CWUA are to effectively: 

    1. deliver cost savings and other efficiencies; 
    2. grow staff skills and ensure workforce are adequately trained for compliance based service delivery; 
    3. support members in assuring sustainable workforce; 
    4. promote Local Government as the agency of choice delivering water utilities management in regional NSW and further afield; 
    5. advise the CNSWJO Board regarding Water Utilities Management; 
    6. deliver full compliance with Best Practice requirements; 
    7. implement Regional Best Practice strategies; and 
    8. promote the CWUA as an example of Councils working collaboratively. 

For more detail on the CNSWJO Water Utilities Alliance contact: Meredith Macpherson, Program Manager, CNSWJO Water Utilities Alliance via email:   meredith.macpherson@centraljo.nsw.gov.au or on 0427 451 085 


Regional Water Projects 


  • Regional Water Strategies  Negotiations with the State on a collaborative structure to enable delivery of the RWSs continues. The implementation plan and governance structure to enable the delivery of the Regional Water Strategy options remains critical. 

    The drafts of the first two inland Regional Water Strategies for the Lachlan and Macquarie-Castlereagh catchments were released and a response is been coordinated.

  • A Strategic Regional Water Committee comprising Mayors and GMs has been formedAdvocacy through the Regional Water Strategy development is for an implementation plan and governance structure to enable the delivery of strategy options. This implementation plan would identify actions in the first two years and then review and is predicated on shared data and modelling and a collaborative approach to, for example, ground water studies. 

  • The Wastewater Training & Certification Project commenced in October 2020The program is scheduled for completion in June 2021.  This project includes the delivery of approx. 560 units of competency from the National Water Package to 52 wastewater operators from across 9 member councils.

  • NAMAF – A regional project procured a third party to run the National Asset Management Assessment Framework (NAMAF) across Central NSW JO member Councils inclusive of all asset classes to improve asset management practices. All NAMAF assessments have been completed in this region and a workshop held to review outcomes from a regional perspective.  Next steps on regional programming are being scoped.

  • This JO is represented on the Central West Orana and Central Tablelands Drought Task Group, concerns are that with recent rainfall taking the pressure off in some parts of the state, the State Government is stepping back its drought response.

  • Responses are prepared regularly to various reviews and inquiries relating to water on behalf of the region.